Cube It

The Tree of Life


Hidden within the Kabbalah’s symbol of the Tree of Life is a clue.  Many people can’t see it, but it is there if you stare at it long enough.  You should start to see some patterns emerge.


Hidden within that simple structure of circles and lines is two cubes, and we all know that there are two cubes in a hypercube.  Was this Kabbablah Tree of Life meant to hide this truth?  I believe that it was.  The only way to achieve eternal life is to go back to the higher dimension that we came from and to circumcise the flesh from our souls.  In the rapture or harvest, we will find the Holy of Holies, which will lead us to the other side of the veil.


As you can see there are two cubes stacked on top of one another, but they have not merged with one another yet to form a hypercube.  Perhaps the top cube represents the Holy of Holies or the spiritual world and the bottom cube represents the Pandora’s Box of the physical world. 

 The rapture would definitely be the Tree of Life for all of us, and so it would put an end to death.  Christ will transport us up this ladder, which Jacob described and we will become spiritual beings once again in the Garden of Eden.  In this higher dimension, all life will work together as one creation under God.  Never again to work selfishly against the other parts of the creation and never again to cause suffering or to endure suffering.  We will finally be at-one-ment with all of the creation, and serve God instead of our physical bodies and money. 

 One Christ is the one infinite light that comes from God, and the Holy Spirit is the one eternal word that comes from our Creator.  As light energy beings we will tune our spirits into a receiver of the word, and we will automatically learn from what God says to us.  We will no longer be deaf/ death to our God, and we will walk with God again in the Garden of souls.  In the ending of our physical lives, will be a new beginning as our spiritual lives, as we walk away from the darkness of this dimension and into the light of the upper dimension. 

 Let us pray that most of mankind will go into the light on that faithful day, and awaken from this long dark night, and to rise up to meet the dawn of a new day.



Vesica Pisces Cross









 In the movies of 2001 and 2010, the monolith is said to be full of stars.  The character that says, "My God, its full of stars!", is named David Bowman

The monolith is the cube, which forms a Star of David.  The mandala of the Star of David is everywhere in the universe.

Arthur C. Clark was encoding geometry that is found in the Bible.  They could not use a cube as the monolith in the movie, because that would be obvious, so they used a rectangle object.

Main Entry: mon-
Variant(s): or mono-   1 : one : single : alone
2 a : containing one (usually specified) atom, radical, or group

-lith 1 : structure or implement of stone <megalith> <eolith(stone is an anagram for tones)

Bowman  (The bow came from the Tribe of Judah, and so did King David and Jesus Christ.)


2 Samuel 1:18

18 (1+8=9) (Also he bade them teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jasher.)
Book of Jasher   Chapter 56



8 And Jacob said unto Judah, I know my son that thou art a mighty man for thy brethren; reign over them, and thy sons shall reign over their sons forever. 

9 Only teach thy sons the bow and all the weapons of war, in order that they may fight the battles of their brother who will rule over his enemies.

The Zend Avesta


9 ‘He shall godly and piously give to godly men a set of all the war implements of which the warriors make use 5, as an atonement unto the soul (of the water dog); the first being a javelin 6, the second a knife 7, the third a club, the fourth a bow 8, the fifth a quiver 9 with shoulder-belt and thirty brass-headed arrows 10, the sixth a sling with arm-string and with thirty sling stones, the seventh a cuirass 11, the eighth a hauberk 12, the ninth a tunic 13, the tenth a helmet, the eleventh a girdle, the twelfth a pair of greaves 14.

The bow is the 9 Solfeggio tones that form the Solfeggio cube.

Nine is Fine

There are nines encoded in the "2010" movie.

Heywood Floyd: If I trigger it. The control's in my compartment. Little red calculator? You've seen it. You put in nine '9s'. Take the square root, and then hit 'Integer.' In an emergency, even you could do it.

HAL 9000





 At the end of the 2010 movie, a new star is born from Jupiter.  This movie certainly does pinpoint the whole 2012 event of our Solar System lining up with the center of the galaxy, but what will happen?









The Atlantis city and ship is traveling through a wormhole in this picture.  Why do they call it a stargate?  We are being shown why in the Atlantis city.  It is the Star of David energy pattern that makes a merkaba or a light chariot that can travel through a wormhole.

Could shows like these be preparing us for the harvest or rapture?  Are the people working on these shows encoding this stuff consciously or subconsciously.  Is God guiding us and preparing his shepherds?  The main character of John Sheppard has the bloodline of the ancients and can fly their spaceships.  What is this telling us.

For more information about bloodlines.  Go to "The RH Negative Factor" website.

This website shows more information about Stargate Atlantis metaphors.

"Once again we move to bloodlines with Stargate Atlantis. This time we reference the genetics of the ancients, some of who remained on Earth and procreated. Their progeny moved through the millennia until the time was right, the time of activation. This is the time we return home."

"At the end of Stargate SG1, season 8, the moment of awakening began with Jack O'Neill, and continued with US Air Force pilot Major John Sheppard, a major player with a genetic code linked to the ancients. Their primary objective is to find a means of protecting Earth from their various enemies by securing power source/cell called a ZPM. Oddly those are the initials for Zero Point Merge - the closing of our program, another Z word."

"Sheppard, one of few humans who carries the DNA codes of the ancients, discovers that he has the ability to manifest his thoughts while flying one of the space craft they designed. They named the ship Puddle Jumper 1 as it moves through the stargate and has many cool features. To experience with Sheppard, is to tap into that part of your soul which knows your are here for a special mission and that now is your time."




                                            Cymatics of the Solfeggio tones.


The Solfeggio frequencies form a Star of David and the Holy of Holies Cube.





The tone of Pi forms a Metatron’s cube. The number of Pi is 3.14, which also coincidently is the gematrian number for Metatron’s name.


The Gematrian number for the “Almighty” and “Metatron” are the same number of 314.


In 1787, Ernst Chladni repeated the work of Robert Hooke and published "Entdeckungen über die Theorie des Klanges" ("Discoveries in the Theory of Sound"). In this book, Chladni describes the patterns seen by placing sand on metal plates which are made to vibrate by stroking the edge of the plate with a bow.








updated 3:28 p.m. ET, Tues., March. 27, 2007  (This is the 3rd month and the27th day of 2007.  The cube of three layers with 27 cubes.)

One of the most bizarre weather patterns in the solar system has been photographed at Saturn, where astronomers have spotted a huge, six-sided feature circling the north pole.

The honeycomb feature has been seen before. NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft imaged it more than two decades ago. (12) Now, having spotted it with the Cassini spacecraft, scientists conclude it is a long-lasting oddity.

The hexagon is nearly 15,000 miles (1+5= 6) (25,000 kilometers) across. Nearly four Earths could fit inside it. The thermal imagery shows that the hexagon extends about 60 miles (6) (100 kilometers) down into the clouds.



The sixth planet of the Solar System was photographed by the Cassini spacecraft.  The pictures clearly show a six sided hexagon on Saturn.  What created this shape on Saturn?  This looks very much like the cymatic pictures for the "A" sound.



The Star of David and Holy of Holies is encoded into the fallout shelter's symbol.  My son found this connection.  Thanks Brian!  




The Geometry of Dimensions within God’s Name


YUD HEI VAV HEI is God’s Hebrew name.  The letters to his name show the 3 lower dimensions. 


First Dimension


“The secret of this point is the power of the Infinite to contain finite phenomena within Himself and express them to apparent external reality. Finite manifestation begins from a zero-dimensional point, thereafter developing into a one-dimensional line and two-dimensional surface. This is alluded to in the full spelling of the letter yud (yud-vav-dalet): "point" (yud), "line" (vav), "surface" (dalet).” 

“The "pathway" of the yud; The initial point of space and time.”

Third Dimension



Three lines; the two lines of the dalet together with an unattached left foot.


  • Three dimensions of physical reality:
    • Width - horizontal line,
    • Length - vertical line,
    • Depth - unattached foot.

Second Dimension


“In the beginning of Creation, when Infinite Light filled all reality, G d contracted His Light to create hollow empty space, as it were, the "place" necessary for the existence of finite worlds. Into this vacuum God drew down, figuratively speaking, a single line of light, from the Infinite Source. This ray of light is the secret of the letter vav. Though the line is singular in appearance, it nonetheless possesses two dimensions, an external as well as an internal force, both of which take part in the process of Creation and the continuous interaction between the creative power and created reality.”